I head into a town once every week or so to resupply, take a shower, do laundry, sleep in a bed, gorge at a restaurant, or some combination thereof. In no particular order, here are some pics of town life from the first half of my trip. 

Hitching back to the trail in a station wagon after a quick trip to Dairy Queen. I’m not exactly sure where this was taken but it had to have been early on because I lost this hat to the wind, riding in the bed of a truck during another hitch.
Basically what every hotel looks like within minutes of hikers arriving. So much to dry out, clean, organize, repack. The burning, wet dog fur smell arrives not long after. Taken at the Sapphire Inn in Franklin, TN. The front desk clerk had a fresh bottle of Jameson in his beast pocket and someone had been in our shower very recently prior to our arrival. There was a McDonalds across the street that we ate at 3 times in one day.
Scout and Small Step sharing a roll of toilet Paper outside of Woods Hole Hostel.
Wet Laundry
Walking in the rain with Tall Boy and Small Step to the nearest laundromat. Note the plastic bags liners in Small Step’s shoes. I think this was in Marion, VA. If so, KFC BUFFET also happened.
Washbear, Small Step, and Tall Boy waiting on laundry. Sometimes you’re washing every article of clothing you have and end up waiting in undwerwear and/or rain garments while the cycle runs.

Introducing my complete waste of money Brooks Cascadia shoes to an anonymous strip mall garbage can, where they belong.

A 4-Hiker Walmart resupply in the trunk of my parents’ car during their Harper’s Ferry visit. I always ask my baggers to use as few bags as possible since it’s all going to be repackaged anyway, and they almost never listen.

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