First Guest Post Inbound

Hello, All! Exciting news. On Wednesday, Jake Treks will publish its first guest post. My friend, co worker, and spiritual trail sister Leah* wrote an incredible essay about her experience thru hiking the Appalachian Trail as a solo female hiker.

Up to this point, the blog has largely been a recounting of my life events. I’m so excited to begin sharing others’ perspectives on the transformative power of outdoor adventure, alongside my own travels. The more diverse voices and breadth of experience, the better for everyone, always.

More changes are on the way! As I write my book, expanding on thoughts originated in previous posts, I’m considering how the blog can evolve. I’m a very different person than when I started this site two years ago, at a very different place in my life. Naturally this space, which has always been so personal, should change as well. And if you’re a regular reader, you know I believe change is good, and necessary for growth.

Check back Wednesday for Leah’s essay! I think you’re going to love her insight.

Happy International Women’s Month!

*I’m currently house sitting for her parents in Fairbanks, AK.

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