Becoming a Fairbanksan

Three weeks in Fairbanks down, many more to go. Between my college years in the cornfields of southern Ohio, several cross country drives, and the Appalachian trail passing through backwoods of 14 states, I appreciate the feel of small towns. I love big cities, but having all my needs contained within a 12 minute driving radius certainly has its charms.

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As my life circumstances continue to branch in unexpected directions, I’m working to find my place in the world; to locate the slot where my irregularly-shaped peg fits. I’ve crammed more living into the last three years than any other period of my life, and I’m reeling from the whiplash of constant transition.

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The Trail Provides

I finished my thru hike over a year ago and the trail has yet to stop providing. This weekend, I move to Alaska to house sit for the winter. In many ways, this turn of events feels like a logical, direct extension of the AT.

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Time Change

“Thru hiking taught me to accept each day, regardless of trail conditions, as an opportunity rather than a means to an end.” Hiking the Appalachian Trail redefined how I value my time.

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